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Frenchton Breed Characteristics

A Frenchton is a mix between a French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier.

French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers are two breeds that look exceptionally similar. So similar, in fact, that it’s hard to even remember which breed is which. French Bulldogs are smaller, slightly lower energy, and adorned with very large upright ears. Boston Terriers are a little bigger, need more exercise, and typically have a tuxedo coat. But why mix two breeds that already look almost identical?

There are a few reasons to mix these two particular breeds. One reason is to improve the overall health of their offspring. Unlike their parent purebreds, Frenchtons have hybrid vigor and increased genetic diversity, which lowers the risk of genetic deficits. Hybrids are generally healthier than purebreds, are less susceptible to sickness, and tend to live longer.

By mixing two breeds that look similar, you also preserve the overall look of the dog while getting the best characteristics of each breed. The cuddly nature of a French Bulldog mixes with the sturdier frame of a Boston Terrier. Although not by much, the Boston Terrier has more endurance than the French Bulldog, meaning that a Frenchton can keep up on longer walks but still keeps the relaxed energy of a French Bulldog.

Frenchtons are friendly, playful, and curious. They interact well with people of all ages, and although they can be quite spunky, they also have a laid-back nature. Frenchtons tend to go through spurts of energy followed by lots of napping. They love playing with new people and kids. Just be sure to supervise them with small children as they are still a small-breed and can be hurt by children that don’t yet know to be gentle.

Frenchtons have a short and easy-to-manage coat that requires infrequent brushing. Frenchies tend to shed a little more than Boston Terriers, so the amount that a Frenchton might shed is relative to each dog, but they typically shed moderately or less. Don’t expect to be buried under a cloud of fur, but also don’t expect them to be shed-free dogs.

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