What Is A French Bulldog or Frenchie?

French Bulldog Breed Characteristics

Short, stout, and a snuffly snout.

French Bulldog Breed Characteristics

If you’re thinking of a French Bulldog, then you’re on the right track. French Bulldogs, or Frenchies, known for their spunky personality, will keep you and your family endlessly entertained with their playful antics.
French Bulldogs are typically brindle colored, but they also come in white or cream or a mix of those colors with brindle. They can also have adorable freckles. The feature that Frenchies are most known for, though, is their bat-like ears.
Standing at a maximum of 13 inches and no more than 30 pounds, this pup is the perfect size for apartment dwellers. The Frenchie adapts well to all family sizes, whether you live alone or have lots of kids. Just be sure to monitor your Frenchie with small children, as they are a small breed, and children aren’t always gentle. Don’t be fooled by the Frenchie’s size, though, because they have a personality twice their size. You won’t be bored with this curious pooch.

Frenchies Make Great Pets

Frenchies are also perfect for families on the busier side. Taking your French Bulldog on a single walk-per-day will be enough to tucker him out. Frenchies are also quite an intelligent breed and enjoy agility and obedience activities. Just be careful not to let your Frenchie over exert himself while out in hot or humid weather. Their short snout means they are prone to breathing difficulties, so always keep an eye on them while they play.