Frenchton Parent Dogs

Frenchton Pups Mom and Dad Dogs

Frenchton Parent Dogs

Below we’ve included a little bit of information and some photos for each of the Frenchton parent dogs in our Frenchton program.

Blue, the 24 lb Boston Terrier Mom

Blue, a 24 lb Boston Terrier, is easy going, alert, and sweet. One of her favorite pastimes is to watch everything that is going on around her.

Cassie, the 20 lb Frenchton Mom

Cassie, a 20 lb F1 Frenchton, is extremely intelligent, learning new things and surprising us everyday! She is more active than the average frenchton and is always up for a good romp around the house!

Cindy, the 23 lb Frenchton Mom

Cindy, a 23 lb F1 Frenchton, has such a sweet, laid back disposition. But, don’t let that sweetness fool you! She loves to run and play… and zoomies are still her favorite.

Flopsy, the 22 lb F1 Frenchton Mom

Flopsy, like a true combination of her parents is friendly, affectionate, sociable, and somewhat cautious about new things — but once she warms up very outgoing. She is a wonderful, sweet mother to her puppies and loves to play almost as much as they do.

Girtie, the 24 lb Frenchton Mom

Girtie, a 24 pound F1 Frenchton, is a companion through and through. She is loyal to her family, but will never say no to a frolic with friends.

Kari, the 26 lb Frenchton Mom

Kari, a 26 lbs F1 Frenchton, loves nothing better than a comfy spot and a toy to chew on. She loves being wherever her family is and is content to sit and enjoy being with them.

Kelly, the 14 lb Boston Terrier Mom

Kelly, a brown Boston Terrier, is a great mom and always very attentive to her pups. She’s a sleek looking dog with a shiny, smooth, short-haired brown coat and lovely white markings on her muzzle, face and front. She’s great around other animals and children and loves to run and get exercise. She has a friendly personality and does well with meeting new people.

Marylou, the 22 lb Frenchton Mom

Marylou, a 22 lb Frenchton, loves nothing more than to lay next to her family members and watch the goings- on in the room. Her gentle disposition has made her a great Mama to her babies!

Peaches, the 22 lb Frenchton Mom

Peaches, a laid back 22 lb Frenchton mama, observes the world around her with carefree and easy manner. Her sweetness and love for her family is evident in her faithfulness!

Rose, the 22 lb Boston Terrier Mom

Rose, a 22 lb Boston Terrier mom, is mellow, carefree dog. Her amiable personality invites others to join in whatever fun she is having!

Carson, the 16lb French Bulldog Dad

We love Carson, the blue French Bulldog. Carson has the alertness, inquisitiveness and irresistible temperament of his breed. His personality definitely matches his looks. We are thrilled to have Carson in our Frenchton program, and he’s a wonderful pet for his family. For Frenchtons with vigor and outstanding temperament, Carson’s pups are hard to beat.

Loki, the 24lb French Bulldog Dad

Loki is a very smart looking Blue and Tan French Bulldog Dad. His striking coat always gets plenty of comments from people who meet him. His appearance looks a little stoic but he is an easygoing, loving dog that is extremely attentive and loyal. He’s easily a favorite of ours and we’re excited that he’s a part of our Frenchton program at Crockett Pups.