F1 Frenchtons for Sale

Born November 1, 2023
F1 Frenchtons
F1 Frenchtons for Sale

F1 Frenchtons Information

We occasionally have outstanding litters of F1 Frenchtons for sale.

F1 Frenchtons are first generation puppies from French Bulldog and Boston Terrier parents. We are pleased to announce this precious litter of F1 Frenchtons for sale. These three pups were born November 1st and are 50% French Bulldog and 50% Boston Terrier. Based on their parents, we expect this litter of puppies to be a standard 19-31 pounds fully grown.

Our estimated weight range is a best guess based on a number of factors. However, dogs are living beings and not always entirely predictable. We think that approximately 95% of the time puppies end up within our estimated size range, but (just like with humans) there are sometimes anomalies. Occasionally a sibling will be significantly larger or smaller than litter-mates (just like with humans); for example Michael Jordan grew much taller than his parents or brother. From time to time we are contacted by families whose pup ended up somewhat smaller (or larger) than they wanted. We strive to be as transparent as possible on the front end so that you have realistic expectations.

Frenchtons are known to be affectionate, friendly, playful, and curious. They interact well with people of all ages, and although they can be quite spunky, they also have a laid-back nature. These puppies have been a joy to raise and we believe they will make outstanding family members for a few fortunate forever homes.

Frenchtons have short, dense and straight coats so although they do shed seasonally it is typically in moderate amounts.

Will My Puppy be Up-to-Date on Vaccinations?

Yes! On Adoption Day your puppy will be up-to-date on all of its vaccinations. You will receive a formal Vaccination Record that will list out all the vaccinations and de-worming medications that your puppy has received up to this point. This record is designed for you to take to your vet at the first puppy visit and be able to schedule the next vaccinations that your puppy will need.

We do want you to keep in mind that while your puppy is under our care, they are too young to receive the rabies’ vaccination, so you’ll want to make sure that you schedule that and it usually happens around 14 weeks of age.

Pricing for F1 Frenchtons

Base Price:

$2300-2800 — Brown, White, Cream
$2600-3300 — Black
$2800-3300 — Blue, Fawn, Merle
$3000-3500 — Sable
$3600-4200 — Lilac

Healthcare Charge for all Crockett Pups

Pre-Adoption Healthcare Charge: $63 — This non-taxed charge covers the cost of your puppy’s microchip, vaccinations, and vet-care before Adoption Day and is added to the base price of each puppy.

*We reserve the right to adjust pricing for any reason.

6% Sales Tax Applies to All Puppies Picked up from Crockett Pups in the State of South Carolina. Pups delivered outside the state of SC do not incur a sales tax.

Backout Fee

Our desire is for you to truly be committed as the Forever Home for the puppy you have chosen to adopt. Because of the amount of time our Team invests in matching you with your puppy and then scheduling your Adoption Day experience and/or delivery, there is a Backout Fee if you are matched to your puppy, but circumstances prevent you from following through with your adoption.

$100 — Before 72 hours prior to Adoption Day
$200 — 72-24 hours before Adoption Day
$300 — Anytime during the 24 hours before Adoption Day

**We will use the date/time of your email notification of your decision to back out to determine the amount of the Backout Fee.

Availability is limited and requires application approval and a deposit of $300.

Litter of Three F1 Frenchtons for Sale

Born November 1, 2023

The F1 Frenchtons for sale on this page are matched on a first-come, first served basis.
Serious Inquiries only, please.
These puppies are ready for delivery nationwide or pick-up the weekend of January 12th in the Greenville, SC area.

(based upon Transition Family / Delivery Team availability)


Fascinating Fawn Merle and White, Sweet with an Amiable Personality

Sapphire, a fawn merle and white Frenchton girl, begins a touch shy, her eyes holding a mesmerizing allure. Gradually warming up, she reveals an enchanting charm with those captivating eyes. Once comfortable, Sapphire emerges as a gentle and captivating companion.


Fascinating Merle and White, Frisky with a Spunky Character

Meet Serenity, the merle and white Frenchton pup whose playful spirit will turn your world into a joyful playground! Join her on a whimsical adventure filled with endless fun. Get ready for laughter, games, and a delightful journey with this vibrant and spirited little pup!


Delightful Merle and White, Inquisitive with an Affectionate Temperament

Stella, the merle and white Frenchton female puppy, exudes a zest for life that’s contagious. Her outgoing nature shines through in every playful bounce and curious investigation of her surroundings. With her striking coat and lively spirit, Stella lights up any room she enters.

Parent Dogs

Wendy, a 17 pound Boston Terrier Mom, embodies affection and loyalty to her family. Her gentle demeanor and playful spirit make her a cherished member of the family.
Tyson, a 34 pound French Bulldog Dad, is a playful and loving pet, always ready to share joy with his adorable offspring. With his endearing personality and gentle nature, Tyson adds a touch of warmth to every interaction.

Ready to apply? At Frenchton Pups we use a thorough application process to take deposits, accepting only the best qualified forever homes for our Frenchton puppies.