Adopted Frenchtons

Pups that have found their forever home
These wonderful Frenchton pups are matched and have already been adopted by their forever homes. They are no longer available.

Litter of Three Adopted Frenchtons

Born September 20, 2022
Adoption Weekend –
Nov. 25, 2022


Striking Brindle and White, Curious with a Laid-back Personality

Beau is a good-looking little boy in a precious brindle coat with a unique white mark on his chest. He’s the smallest of the three pups in his litter. He looks up to his bigger siblings and loves to cuddle with them. Beau is a fun-loving puppy and he’s ready to meet his forever family.


Smooth Brindle and Bold White, Friendly with a Refined Personality

Beignet is sweet and soft just like his namesake. He’s a gentle pup with an engaging friendly personality. Often he tends to be right in the middle of what’s going on with his siblings but also enjoys finding a quiet spot to relax. Beignet is eager to meet his forever family soon!


Fabulous Brindle and White, Playful with an Adorable Personality

Belle is a beauty and a charmer at the same time — and the only girl in this litter! She is a gorgeous Frenchton puppy with a beautiful brindle coat. She is always searching for company and can usually be found romping around the yard with her brother and sister. Belle is fun-loving, cheerful, and loves to cuddle!

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