Adopted Frenchtons

Pups that have found their forever home
These wonderful Frenchton pups are matched and have already been adopted by their forever homes. They are no longer available.

Litter of Three Adopted Frenchtons

Born September 20, 2022
Adoption Weekend –
Nov. 25, 2022


Striking Brindle and White, Curious with a Laid-back Personality

Beau is a good-looking little boy in a precious brindle coat with a unique white mark on his chest. He’s the smallest of the three pups in his litter. He looks up to his bigger siblings and loves to cuddle with them. Beau is a fun-loving puppy and he’s ready to meet his forever family.


Smooth Brindle and Bold White, Friendly with a Refined Personality

Beignet is sweet and soft just like his namesake. He’s a gentle pup with an engaging friendly personality. Often he tends to be right in the middle of what’s going on with his siblings but also enjoys finding a quiet spot to relax. Beignet is eager to meet his forever family soon!


Fabulous Brindle and White, Playful with an Adorable Personality

Belle is a beauty and a charmer at the same time — and the only girl in this litter! She is a gorgeous Frenchton puppy with a beautiful brindle coat. She is always searching for company and can usually be found romping around the yard with her brother and sister. Belle is fun-loving, cheerful, and loves to cuddle!

Litter of Five Adopted Frenchtons

Born September 26, 2022
Adoption Weekend –
Dec. 2, 2022


Intriguing Blue Brindle with a touch of White, Relaxed Personality and full of Cuddles

Acorn is a charming blue brindle Frenchton boy with a unique coat and slight white mark on his chest. His magnetic personality and soft eyes simply draw you in. He is eagerly waiting to meet his forever family.


Remarkable Blue with White Tuxedo, Adventurous with an Outgoing Personality

Maple is a gorgeous Frenchton girl in a unique blue coat with a white tuxedo on her chest and some white on her paws and cute little chin. Always ready for a good time, she loves to play with her family and littermates. She is anxiously awaiting meeting her new forever family!


Striking Blue with White Chest, Frisky, Fun-loving and Fantastic!

Pumpkin is an arresting Frenchton girl with a bubbly personality. Her effervescence is evident in all she does. She loves nothing more than to be right with her people, joining in all the fun. Pumpkin is patiently waiting to meet her forever family soon!


Exceptional Blue and Tan with White Chest, Playful with an Adorable Personality

Cinnamon is a handsome blue and tan Frenchton boy. His nonchalant, yet mischievous attitude gives him an heir of sophistication to match his attractive markings. This sweet boy patiently awaits the day that he meets his forever family!


Unique Blue Fawn, Curious with a Friendly Personality

Nutmeg is a beautiful and rare blue fawn Frenchton boy with a look to melt any heart. His short, fawn-colored coat sets him apart from his littermates in looks but his personality fits right in! He’s looking forward to meeting his forever family soon!

Litter of Four Adopted Frenchtons

Born October 9, 2022
Adoption Weekend –
Dec. 16, 2022


Darling Fawn Coat with Highlights and a Magnetic Personality

Fudge is an attractive fawn boy with black highlights on his ears. His vivacious personality pulls in the attention of everyone who sees him. Although the life of the party, he may just be the most loyal of his litter. He will be one faithful furry family member and can’t wait to meet his!


Rare Sable with Tipped Ears, Gorgeous with a Special Personality

Truffle is a gorgeous sable female with black tipped ears and the most adorable black tail. Her lovable personality draws one to her as soon as they meet her. She is looking for a companion who will enjoy her antics and make many memories with her.


Deep Black with a White Chest, Curious and Endearing!

“Puppermint” is a black and tan boy with a white chest. He is very affectionate and loves a good snuggle. When he gets excited, he breathes out of his nose in the most adorable way! He can’t wait to meet his new forever family soon!


Remarkable Fawn with Dark Muzzle, A Cuddler with a Playful Side

Gingerbread is a beautiful fawn girl with intriguing gray eyes that just touch the soul. Her love for life is contagious in her playful banter with her toys and siblings, but that doesn’t stop her from climbing into a lap for a good cuddle! She can’t wait to meet her new cuddle buddy!

Litter of One Adopted Frenchton

Born October 30, 2022
Adoption Weekend –
Jan. 13, 2023

Gorgeous Brindle and White, Happy with a Playful Personality
Snuggles is an absolutely gorgeous brindle male Frenchton pup with a striking white chest. He is both playful and cuddly. And as his name suggests he does love to snuggle. He has a sweet personality and is ready to meet his forever family soon!

Litter of Five Adopted Frenchtons

Born May 21, 2022
Adoption Weekend –
July 28, 2023


Stunning Blue, Cuddly with an Alert Personality

Esther is an adorable blue Frenchton girl in a perfectly pleasing line of white on her chest. She loves chewing on rope toys and being with her people. Esther is eager to meet her new family!


Gorgeous Blue Fawn with White, Companionable with a Entertaining Temperament

Ruth is a beautiful female Frenchton and we love her gorgeous blue fawn fur. She is a happy pup with an outgoing personality—she keeps us laughing until she’s ready to snuggle in for cuddles. Ruth will make a wonderful family member!


Beautiful Blue, Intelligent with a Perky Personality

Ezra is truly the prince of the bunch suited up in a dashing coat with unique markings on his blue coat. This handsome Frenchton will fill your home with love and laughter!


Adorable Blue Fawn, Loving with a Loyal Temperament

Joshua is an adventurous little pup who will quickly grab your attention. He has unique, but beautiful, blue fawn fur which is sure to appeal to everyone. We can’t wait for him to make a family very happy by joining their home!


Marvelous Blue, Good-natured with an Gentle Character

Samuel is a good looking little fellow in a super sleek coat of blue. He’s a patient and playful pup and he’s ready to be adopted into your home.

Litter of Six Adopted Frenchtons

Born May 29, 2022
Adoption Weekend –
August 4, 2023


Adorable Sable with Blue Markings, Laid Back with an Endearing Personality

Amy is dressed in her finest with an oh so sleek, coat. Her expressions are sweet and thoughtful. She prefers to sit with her human rather than romp with her siblings. Amy is ready to be scooped up and carried home.


Wonderful Sable with Blue Markings, Snuggly with a Devoted Character

Gladys is a beautiful girl with the brightest eyes shining through her sable coat. We usually find her by our side, always ready to cuddle with us as soon as we sit down. Gladys is eager to find her forever family!


Fabulous Lilac with Sable Markings, Frisky with a Vigilant Temperament

Isobel is as fun as she is beautiful. She is bound to receive many compliments on her lovely coat and pretty markings. Isobel is a playful little lady but loves to snuggle too.


Sweet Blue Fawn, Attentive with a Warmhearted Disposition

Mary has a gorgeous blue fawn coat. She loves to romp and play in the yard with us for a time and she quickly becomes the center of attention wherever she goes. She is friendly girl and will be a wonderful pet for one lucky family!


Amazing Blue with Sable Markings, Curious with an Observant Nature

Adoniram is as cute as they come wrapped up in a blue coat with a dash of white on his chest. His bright eyes give away his alert nature. We can usually find him on the lookout for a new toy. This pleasant Frenchton is eager to become your little sidekick!


Captivating Cream, Frisky with an Agreeable Personality

David is a good looking boy in an adorable creamy tan coat. He loves to play and romp with his family, but is content to sit and watch the goings-on as well. David is ready to follow you to the ends of the earth.

Litter of Seven Adopted Frenchtons

Born June 10, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
August 11, 2023


Beautiful Blue Fawn with Sable Markings, Amiable with a Peaceful Personality

Eleanor is a gorgeous Frenchton lady in a soft blue fawn coat. She is a happy girl with her tiny tail wagging, eager to greet all who cross her path. Eleanor can be reserved at first, but she is as friendly as can be as soon as she gets to know you. She is eager to find her forever family!


Astounding Lilac with Sable Markings, Inquisitive with a Charming Temperament

Marie is a gorgeous lilac girl in a huggable coat. Her eyes are sweet and expressive. She has a quiet and gentle nature and loves to climb up onto our lap to be petted. We think Marie is a great pick for a loving forever home.


Captivating Blue with Sable Markings, Good-natured with an Amicable Character

Charles is an charming Frenchton gentleman with a snuggly blue coat. His soft velvety ears frame his adorable puppy face! He has a mellow personality. He is eager to be by your side!


Delightful Blue with Sable Highlights, Affable with an Inquisitive Personality

Francis is such a bundle of joy who is always making us smile. He loves to play with his siblings, and has a lovely blue coat that he loves to get attention for. He will love being adored by her new family.


Appealing Sable, Companionable with a Sweet Character

Hugh is an adorable Frenchton boy sporting a good-looking suit. His temperament is pleasant and he is the calmest pup in the litter. We think he will make a great snuggle buddy. Hugh is a great choice for a fortunate family.


Stupendous Lilac with Sable Markings, Enticing with a Frisky Temperament

Louis is an adorable little Frenchton boy with a lovely lilac coat. He loves running around the yard and playing with his siblings. Louis has such a fun personality and will quickly endear himself to you. He will make a wonderful companion!


Charming Blue Fawn with Sable Markings, Observant with an Inviting Personality

Philip is a magnificent Frenchton boy in a stand out coat of blue fawn. He’s adorably marked sable eyebrows, cheekbones, and chest. Philip is very intelligent. He is ready to follow you around everywhere.

Litter of Two Adopted Frenchtons

Born June 16, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
September 1, 2023


Captivating Blue, Alert with a Plucky Nature

Paul is a handsome Frenchton in a snuggly blue coat. The white streak down his chest is so unique and just adds to his charm! Paul is one playful pup and loves to play chew on the rope and tug of war. He always seems to be ready for one more game with you. We think Paul will be a fun, loving addition into your family!


Fantastic Blue, Cuddly with a Warmhearted Personality

Silas, a beautiful Frenchton has gorgeous dark blue eyes, which makes him look extra charming. He’s a sweet pup who loves to make new friends. He can’t wait to find my forever home with someone like you. He’s ready for his Forever Family to adopt him and create wonderful memories together!

Litter of Three Adopted Frenchtons

Born June 17, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
September 1, 2023


Adorable Fawn with Highlights, Amicable with an Alert Personality

Christy is a fancy girl in an impeccably marked fawn coat. She is a fun-loving girl who gets along great with others and is always eager to engage in chewing and playing. We believe she will be a great new furry family member.


Enticing Fawn, Frolicsome with a Lovable Temperament

Introducing Adam, a Frechton boy with a heart full of love and a fawn coat that’s as soft as a cloud. His playful and friendly nature will brighten up your days. Adam is a loyal companion who will shower you with endless affection and bring happiness to your home.


Appealing Blue Fawn, Companionable with an Inquisitive Streak

Hancock is a picture-perfect blue fawn Frenchton boy. He is a curious puppy with a playful personality and is often the leader of the pack. This fun-loving boy is eager to meet you.

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